=== I've moved to another place === 


★ In principle update everyday, according to my schedule, ALMOST Jensen-related only.

 ★ I love Jensen with my whole fangirl heart, as long as he's happy, I'm happy. So I'm DEFINITELY NOT a Danneel hater. Kinda like her!

 ★ Still support & promo SPN, but not that enthusiastic as I did before. Like all the guest stars, especially Jim, Alona, Anna, Kurt and Samantha, except Genevieve, hate her performance as Ruby 2.0, not herself.

★ Sometimes I may transfer my anger from some abominable ones of Jared's fans to himself. Trying not to do it as best as I can.

★ DO read slash fanfics, don't take them seriously anymore, though. I was a shipper ONCE, but to me now, J2 are JUST friends/brothers and nothing else.

★ Very thank and welcome everyone from all over the world. Feel free to leave anything. :)))







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2010-07-17 Alona will be in Leverage (43) (0)
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2010-07-02 New season 4 promo (one new added) (26) (0)